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    After months of planning, now what are you doing? Stop the worrying and give the plan to experienced business professionals to turn your wants into, "We Haves"!

  • Take The Paper Bag Off...

    It's time to let the professionals handle your web presence and make it something that you know longer have to hide behind. Our web designers are eager to get started with you.

  • It's Time To Reveal Your Company's Presence!

    Take your first steps, we'll help you. We're here for you and your company's needs. It may seem hard trusting someone with your ideas and goals at first, but we are committed to seeing you complete your goals.

Our team is dedicated to bringing your dreams to life, not forcing our cookie cutter products on you.

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We Make It Easy To Build Your Brand!


Knowing exactly what you want, and how to get it is sometimes a daunting task. We have the most intuitive team that enjoys working with companies to give them the results they are looking for. You can count on us!

Reliable Staff

Each of our team members are dedicated to the company they are assigned to. They always see their projects...read more →

The Magic

Many people don't believe in magic, but there is a little bit of magic that goes into success. We make magic happen... read more →

Business Needs

We aim to keep all of our clients satisfied. With the quality of service, the nurturing staff and the magic we offer...read more →

Our Creations


When we are finished working on our clients projects, we take the time to perfect our craft and do what we love. Create! Here you can view a few samples of our practice material. If you see something you like send us an email.

A Few Of Our Services


We have handpicked which services we provide. We can handle the load. We have created an environment that allows us to thrive. The services we offer are in high demand and we have a team that provides optimal service.

Internet Presence

Our Business Sqaud spends countless hours on the internet insuring that companies get quality up-to-date work. Understanding how the internet works and how to make it work for our clients is our top priority.

Logo & Web Design

We enjoy what we do. We work closely with our clients to evoke their passion and help them create the designs that they are looking for. It is an integral part for us to work closely with our clients.

How We Can Help...


We offer many services. The most important service we offer is a dedication of time and personalized service. This means that we will be dedicated to your project from beginning to end.

Transcribing & Editing

We take audio file and transfer them to print. Quick, Reliable, and Experienced transcribers and editors at the click of a button.

Virtual Office

Do you need an office administrator? Whatever your need and budget we can supply your demand.

Content Management

Structurally sound content that evokes emotion are an integral part of any succesful campaign.

Social Media Marketing

In today's world social media marketing is a must. How are you ranking? Do you understand your rankings? We can help.

Ecommerce Sites

Whether you want to use ZenCart, Shopify, Abante Cart or a different ecommerce program, we can set your site up and have you going in no time.

Business Consultants

Get in touch with one of our consultants to help you achieve your goals.

The Business Squad


Our Business Squad are full of life experience and enjoy putting that experience and passion into every project that we handle. Each and every sqaud member is looking forward to working with you and your company.

Loretta Bruce

Chief Marketing Officer

I am the Chief Marketing Officer of PSS United. I enjoy logo making, web design, and business consulting.

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Mia Hawkins


Programmers are at their best when they love what they do. I am one of the best, because I love what I do as part of The Business Squad.

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Benjamin Norris


You can be sure you are a good designer when people spend time mimicking or trying to steal your work, they always try to copy my style.

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