Your Domain Name

Are you serious about building your company from the ground up? There are many things that people do to save money when starting, that can become time consuming plus a great waste of money. I mention money because when you are wasting time, you don’t get paid. The behavior of wasting time can be habit forming. You may decide to go the free route and get your url from a company that will attach their company’s name to yours. This is bad advertising. You can purchase a “Custom Domain Name” for approximately 1.17 for the first year. That is inexpensive and you will not have to waste time later looking for a domain name and hosting package.

A custom url is absolutely one of the most important parts of your internet marketing plan. Having a url that advertises for your company is utterly important. You url should say your company name only. For instance would you want your business card to have another company’s name on it? Short answer “Of Course Not”! You wouldn’t want that, because your card is about you and your company.

Your url should advertise for you. Whether, it is your name, your service or your product, your url should be completely about your business. Many times companies include their location in their url. This is a good marketing point to help keep your hits targeted. By providing a location in your url it allows potential customers to know that you are local. Many companies need to be local and a localized url is prime. For instance if you are a cleaning service in Brookside, Newark, Delaware it would be prime to state that in your url.

The domain name is an excellent name for Nagging Nancy’s Cleaning Service. It gives the location and the service all in the domain name. This will be easy for Brookside residents to remember. Url’s should be easy to remember, catchy, and specific to your company. There are companies that give you the illusion of having a custom url for free, but many times the url will have that companies name included in your url, making your company’s name a sub domain, for instance

This is an unappealing practice, and does not show that your company is serious about its future. We get it! Sometimes, one may be low on money and this is the best way to get started. Now there are many options that are available to business owners to help them get started. Begin planning your url. The importance of a company’s url should not be overlooked.

Here are a few tips on creating your url:

    1. Do a domain name search on companies with your company’s name in your state.
    2. Search the product or service in your area.
    3. Create several combinations with company name, location, product, and service. After this do a search and see how many other companies have the same name or general concept as what you are thing of and want to do with your company.
    4. Ask a few friends, family, or business associates their opinion on the domain names that you are looking at.
    5. After making your selection give yourself 24 hours to ponder over the name you have chosen and then order your url.

Your url is your internet business card, so make the most of it. If you need help with choosing the right name for you company or finding companies that provide cheap urls, send us an email at for more information.